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Printing Capabilities

Subject to production capabilities. Art deviating from WCI specifications will require production approval or customer sign-off.

Flexographic Printing:
  1. Finest line screen: 55 line screen at 15%. Screening may be subject to run as a two color job upon production review of artwork (based on machine parameters).
  2. Registration Factor: 1/8" plus or minus. When printing more than one color, we cannot guarantee colors will jump in the same direction at the same time.
  3. Side-to-Side Alignment Tolerance: 1/16".
  4. Logos containing fine detail and small reverses may fill in when printed.
  5. The smallest font:
    1. Positive: 9 pt. Helvetica
    2. Negative (reversed out): 16 pt. Helvetica
  6. Minimum Line Weight:
    1. Positive: 1/64"
    2. Negative (reversed out): 3/64"
  7. Gusset Printing Available: Approval required for more than 25% ink coverage in gussets.
  8. On Two-Sided Print: Seam placement to be determined by production and machine capabilities. Back seam match-up may vary.
Post Printing & Hot Stamping: Subject to machine capabilities per bag size. Art deviating from WCI capabilities will require production approval.

  1. Screening Capabilities
    1. Hot Stamping: 30 line screen at 30%.
    2. Post Printing: 55 Line Screen at 15%.
  2. Registration Factor
    1. May vary up to 1/4" in either direction.
    2. Product is printed/stamped on bags already produced; copy position subject to adjustment at time of production in an effort to optimize printing quality.
  3. Side-to-Side Alignment Tolerance: 1/8".
  4. Positive images preferred. Less than 25% ink coverage.
  5. Copy placement and print quality subject to thumb notches, seams, gusset creases, etc. Subject to production approval.
  6. Imprint size capabilities as noted below. Imprint size for 2-sided print area subject to production approval.

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Print Specifications

Artwork Requirements: Any additions deletions or changes to artwork will be charged at cost. An estimate will be provided and must be approved before any changes will be made.

Artwork may be submitted in the following formats:

  1. Adobe Illustrator files are preferred (vector format), with confirming PDF file. Other file formats are accepted and reviewed on a case-by-case basis for quality and printability.
  2. When submitting artwork, all screen fonts, printer fonts, and graphic source files must be furnished with the layout. Fonts converted to outlines are preferred.
  3. Camera ready mechanical or scanned (raster) digital images that do not have to be enlarged more than 150%.

Submit artwork for review or quoting.

We send proofs on all orders with new or revised art. Ink drawdowns are sent on white paper only when requested on PO or when there are traps/overprints that, in our judgment, should be approved prior to productions. Drawdowns will be sent on all PMSu matches on natural kraft and colors, as well as all custom matches. One set of proofs and drawdowns will be included at no charge. Additional proofs or drawdowns as a result of customer changes will be billed as follows:

  • Additional Proofs: $40.00/ea
  • Additional Drawdowns - $25.00/color

We are happy to provide proofs and drawdowns during the quoting stage. Any canceled POs or speculative work not resulting in a PO within 60 days will be billed at costs listed above.

Proof approvals must be signed and returned before any production can begin. No credits or returns will be allowed for any element in accordance with the approved proofs.

Lead-time begins when art and ink are approved. Any changes after approvals will delay the order and may incur additional charges.

Plate Specifications:

All plates are subject to WCI production approval prior to production:

  • Customer-supplied plates accepted for 1-sided print only. For 2-sided print, please call to discuss plate requirements.
  • All plates are subject to WCI production approval prior to production.
  • Plates not within spec may be refused and/or may cause print quality issues. Customer must sign a print release form when they supply plates for printing.
  • For scheduling purposes we require a separate set of plates for each bag size ordered; even if art size is the same.
  • Plates with sticky backing will not be accepted.
  • 1/2" flashing all around the plate.
  • Please call for distortion information requirements. Failure to distort plates can cause production delays, added costs, and print quality issues.
  • Centerlines are required on all plates.
  • WCI is not responsible for the maintenance, condition, or return of printing plates.
  • Copy of artwork must be sent with plates.

Merchandise, SOS, & Gourmet Bags:
Bag length of 9" and less: 2 plates per color.
Bag length of 9 1/4" and more: 1 plate per color.

Photopolymer Plate Requirements: Sheet photopolymer plates are preferred to liquid photopolymer plates. If screening, sheet photopolymer plate is required. Place a sheet of paper between the photopolymer plates to prevent damage.

  • Thickness for sheet photopolymer: .107 to .112 (.050 relief)
  • TThickness for liquid photopolymer: .110 (.050 relief)

Hot Stamping Die Specifications: .250 Magnesium Die (.0625 to .09375 relief) with centerlines.

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Plate Charges

Art Charges: Any additions, deletions or changes to artwork will be charged at cost. An estimate will be provided, and must be approved before any art changes will be made.

Plate/Die Charges: Plate/die charges subject to review of actual art and graphic size and do not include any alterations or file clean up. Any plate charges necessary to produce your order will be provided when you receive your proof. WCI Plate Cost Calculator

Any charges necessary to produce your order will be indicated on your proof, as proof approvals are required before order can be produced.

For assistance in calculating plate costs for your art please use our WCI Plate Cost Calculator

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Flexographic Ink Specifications
Printed bag prices based on stock ink colors. Special Pantone (U) ink colors will be charged special ink fees. Orders of less than 25m - will be charged $75.00 per color per order; more than 25m bags will be charged $50.00 per color per order. Custom ink matches other than PMS colors and custom metallic inks - per quotation. Stock metallic ink - add 15% to total product cost. Substantial metallic ink coverage subject to review. All inks can vary in color due to paper, ink, machine, and ambient lighting differences. Ink colors are based on printing upon white paper in ideal conditions. Due to the nature of waterbase ink, ink colors will change when printed on colored paper. Therefore, if WCI is required to match a Pantone color on colored paper (regardless of PMS number) a special match charge will be added.

WCI Stock Bag Colors, Paper Colors, Colors Available
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WCI Stock Bag Colors, Paper Colors, Colors Available
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Handled Shopper Printing Specifications

Art Charges: Any additions, deletions or changes to artwork will be charged at cost. An estimate will be provided, and must be approved before any art changes will be made.

Plate Charges: $140.00 per color per art size. Includes art processing, film prep and plate charges. Cost dependant on camera or digital ready artwork provided to WCI specifications. Art and plate estimates are available from customer service. Estimates subject to review of actual art supplied by customer. Any charges necessary to produce your order will be indicated on your proof, as proof approvals are required before order can be produced. Print name must be provided prior to order acceptance.

Registration Tolerance & Trap: Wherever two colors meet, a 4.5 point trap - 1/16" - is required to trap the colors. Where two colors are adjacent and the designer does not want them to touch, there should be a minimum of 1/4" of space between the two colors. As a general rule this register tolerance precludes the use of two overprinting colors to create a third color, whether with solids or screens; and when attempted would need a third color such as black to outline the shape. Note that due to our production process, there is no trapping or overprinting on Claycoated paper.

Line Width & Type Size: Minimum positive printing line width is two (2) point. The minimum reverse printing line width is (3) point. Minimum positive printing type size is ten (10) point. The minimum reverse printing type size is twelve (12) point bold. These guidelines are subject to review with serif type faces, and with designs including heavy areas of broad solid along with small type in the same color. In these circumstances the type may need to be larger and/or bolder.

Screens & Halftones: The line screen rulings used in our process are 45 to 55 line. The coarse screen is not apparent and insures cleanest possible dot reproduction. Due to the differences between how wide web flexo and offset litho reproduce screens and halftones, we request the opportunity to review the design elements to provide specific production art direction as early in the planning process as possible. Halftones must have strong contrast, as must steps between manually selected screen values of the same color. Subtle tone variations will not reproduce.

Metallic Ink:
Metallic Silver and Gold are available up to 50% ink coverage. We offer one shade of Silver, Gold, and Copper.

  • Add $20.00/M bags for Silver 877u, Gold 872u, or Copper 876u
  • Minimum order 10M per bag size for metallic ink.

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Design Templates - Merchandise/SOS/Gourmet/Handled Shoppers (Flexo)

Merchandise Bags:

Pharmacy & Liquor Bags:

SOS Bags:

Handled Shoppers:

Gourmet Bags:

WCI Mailers:

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Design Templates - Post Printing & Hot Stamping

Merchandise Bags:

Pharmacy & Liquor Bags:


Handled Shoppers:


SOS Bags:

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